Ease your life


Ease your Life


The world, our lives, have become more complex and almost impenetrable due to the ever-increasing flood of information. We are pelted every minute by countless pieces of information. Digitalisation has created an unprecedented transparency that costs us more time than it creates. Every day, we invest a lot of energy in sifting, sorting and classifying information and sources. Cross-referencing, cross-reading and researching.

Exclusive Multi-Service Solution 

We have developed F.A.Z. Personal Assistant for all those who want to invest their valuable time in the really important things in their professional and private lives. The F.A.Z. subscriber experiences selection instead of filter bubble, order instead of stream, and guidance instead of interchangeability. With F.A.Z. Assistant, we combine the exclusive F.A.Z. services into a unique multi-service. The premium F.A.Z. user is thus equipped to cope with the immense complexity with a quality and care never seen before.

46% Growth in Subscriber Engagement

Visits per Subscriber per Month 2019 vs. 2020

One step ahead

A good assistant recognises needs before they arise. And prepares and prepares everything in the way that suits you best, depending on:  time of day, situation & device. Important topics and messages are compiled individually or separately via push or on demand. This is the security we need for a successful life.


F.A.Z. Personal Assistant is a constantly learning multi-service. Personal areas of interest, main topics and popular authors flow into the compilation of the individual services of F.A.Z. Personal Assistant based on thousands of anonymised data points. In addition, F.A.Z. Personal Assistant learns from the subscriber’s usage patterns and adapts the product structure and availability accordingly.

Product personalization plays an important role for high relevance and high user engagement, which is crucial for churn reduction.
Nico Wilfer


Personalized push briefing on lockscreen

Algorithm based push briefings deliever the most relevant content directly on lockscreen. Tailored for every user individually.


Personalized email newsletter

Customized reading tipps delivered directly to your email inbox. Using AI to curate the right articles and to investigate the right time for any receiver.

iOS 14 homescreen widget

The iOS 14 widget sets the scene for personally relevant content. Directly in the private space of the user.


Personalized stream based on users favorite topics & authors, powered by AI

We give users a place to dive into their individual topics. We make them experts in their favorite topics by presenting them with the perfect F.A.Z. content.

Best picks directly „at home“

The most recent recommendations directly take place in the highly curated editorial content. This is how we combine the orientation in world news and individual interests.


Text-to-speech playlist

News never stand still therefore we add an individual text-to-speech playlist to let user be part of our news even they are not able to read actually.

Compiled individual content feeds per day



Constantly improving the user engagement:

1 %

Increase of Visits per F+ Subscriber per Month in 2020

1 %

Increased Subscriber Visits during 2020

1 %

Increased Subscriber Session Dept (Views per Visit)

Growing subscriber visits in the last 16 Months

Growing subscriber engagement  in Visits per User and Month

F.A.Z. Assistant - Behind the scenes

In order to provide hundreds of thousands of users with individual news feeds in different derivatives in real time, a highly available, perfomant and AI-supported mircoservice structure is required. That’s why we invented the „Personalized News Messaging Engine“. 

F.A.Z. Personal Assistant - Real Data Science

Architectural backend whitebox view:

F.A.Z. Personal Assistant enables F.A.Z. subscribers to experience premium content products in the most powerful personalized way in German news industry.