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F.A.Z. Audio - The perfect F.A.Z. experience 

Audio has developed into a strong news-on-demand channel in a short time. Users want to decide for themselves when they listen to what. Linear products that are news-stream driven are being replaced more and more by in-depth, ready-to-use on-demand formats.

F.A.Z. Audio offers its users a terrific audio-visual news product, which provides news and background information in a special way. Every day, more than 200 articles and reports are available for listening directly after text publication. Both as individual audio and in the F.A.Z. exclusive playlists.

We carry topics

Podcasts open up a new dimension for quality journalism. Topics are debated in detail, backgrounds and contexts are also explained in detail and evaluated in a more nuanced way. Experts from politics, business and society have their say and provide unique insights. F.A.Z. Audio brings users closer to the world of news than any other medium before.

More than 1.000.000 Listeners per Month

Monthly growth rate 23%

By combining editorial leadership with content based on personal interests, F.A.Z created F.A.Z. Audio with the focus on achieving maximum relevance.
Nico Wilfer



Personal news playlists

Individual news playlists are thus created automatically and with the help of AI from all the relevant audio articles. With those playlists F.A.Z. plays the user the right news at the right time.

Various F.A.Z. Podcasts

F.A.Z.-Editors and Podcast-Hosts create at the same time up to 10 Podcast-Series, from our massive successful Daily to our new weekly Science-Podcast.


Text-to-speech playlists

News never stand still therefore we add an individual text-to-speech playlist to let user be part of our news even they are not able to read actually.

Home applications

Be where the User is: It in the car with CarPlay and Android Auto, at home with Nest-Home or everywhere with the Google Assistant and Alexa. F.A.Z. is always in mind.

Car applications

Be where the User is: It in the car with CarPlay and Android Auto, at home with Nest-Home or everywhere with the Google Assistant and Alexa. F.A.Z. is always in mind.


Quality audio journalism

The challenge for the F.A.Z. as a media company lies in production, organization, and storytelling. News, backgrounds, and reports have to be adapted and reworked for audio to create a perfect user experience.

Change of use

Audio offers a new and complementary way of conveying complex content to the user.  When journalism switched from print to online and then mobile, the editors have already adapted to the changed use with a different way of telling stories. F.A.Z now took this step again and adapt to audio as well.


Revenue with audio

F.A.Z. Audio contributes with a revolutionary audio paywall to ensure that audio pays directly into subscriptions. A strong product thus directly strengthen F.A.Z.’s subscription and be a strong feature. Existing customers also benefit and thus engagement is strengthened and the churn rate is reduced. We conquer the audio media advertisement market and increased our ad revenue.

Own F.A.Z. audio backend infrastructure


High acceptance and engagement

2 x

Audio user are twice as much engaged as non audio user

1 %

Growth rate of podcast downloads from January to December 2020 


More than 150 text-to-speech articles created each day

1 %

Monthly growth rate of tts plays in March – December 2020

Over 1 Million Podcast plays per month